Electrical short in AC unit

by Ellis
(Hahira, GA)

I have a short in home AC. I have located the short to the 2 yellow wires (24V) that connect to the outdoor unit. They both end at a metal tube.

I am not sure what this tube is called (condenser coil?). Can I replace this on my own? If so, will this solve the short?

Ellis reply
It turns out the two wires went to the low pressure switch. It was grounding inside the wires.

I moved the wires and the grounding is no longer occurring and everything is working fine (after replacing the 5-amp fuse of course).

I imagine this problem will happen again, but for now I will leave it alone so that I don't have to tear the outdoor unit apart to replace the wires.

I am assuming that the wires to the low pressure switch can be replaced.

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