Does an AC unit use more electricity if it is not functioning properly

by Jane
(Tucson, AZ)

Does an AC unit use more electricity if it is not functioning properly...for example... a capacitor going out? My electric bill skyrocketed from May to June.

I had a problem where the capacitor went out and when I called the electric company they said a malfunctioning AC unit can use more this true?

Dadan Here:

If a capacitor gone out for that condenser unit, the entire condenser unit shouldn’t work purposely. Or, it tries to run; however, in the process, it makes unusual sound.

Since, we’re in this top. A HVAC unit that is not functioning properly will reduce efficient. It will use more energy and waste the energy in the system.

When I said waste energy, it releases cold or hot energy in an area that is not needed. We need the hot or cold air to be release inside our house.

What should we do to prevent it from release energy elsewhere?

“Maintenance,” I repeat this some many time. I’m kind sick of it. Condenser and evaporator will not function to it max efficiency if the coil is dirty.

We may have 23 seer central ac units and we didn’t do maintenance on it for 5 years, we might as will buy 13 SEER (lower) efficient unit. Btw, 23 SEERs is the maximum amount of energy we could get from that central air unit. We will loss the 23 SEER rating due to improper installing, poor maintenance or none.

Once a year, we should hire HVAC Service Company to have a look at our residential HVAC units. This is the only way to reduce the energy consume by our HVAC units. This is also the way to extend our HVAC life span.

If we were to really think this through, hiring someone to perform maintenance once a year will cost us less and save us energy, Then to hire someone to replace a major component (ex compressor).

If our central air unit is not functioning properly or (didn’t have maintenance), what component is more likely to fail? It’s the compressor. HVAC unit is design to operate in harmony; if one component is not functioning properly, it affects the entire system and the compressor is more likely to fail than other components.

The only way to get the max efficient and expand it life span is to make sure it operate properly. The only way to make sure it operates properly is to have maintenance.

Whenever our central air conditioner is use a lot of energy, there is component that is not doing what it supposed to do. We need to find the problem; we either fix or replace it.

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AC causing usage spikes and shorting out
by: Robert

So, I've got a Lennox I'm 50% sure. The unit has been awesome as far as not needing much upkeep EXCEPT there is a nasty short in the outside wires leading to the compressor. So far the only remedy has been applying accelerated but brief adjustments to the cable via my shoe. Yes, I'm saying I have to kick the electrical cable going from my fuse panel leading into my compressor.

Ac Not Cutting Off
by: Dadan

If your central air conditioner have a lot of leaking duct and it had not been maintenance. It will keep run to try to meet the temperature setpoint (temp you set).

Had you have technician check your central air conditioner lately?

By the way, what is your thermostat setting and what is your indoor air temperature.

bryant unit
by: Anonymous

my central ac unit is not cutting off it is very cold outside is this normal

Hvac Capacitor
by: Dadan

I don’t know what kind of resident air conditioner unit you have. Yes, it does use a lot of electric if the central ac unit is not functioning properly.

Capacitor is electric device that store electrical energy and it helps the motor to run or start. If it bad, the motor probably will not run.

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