Consumers Beware Of NFNMO76006

by Tamara
(Phoenix, Arizona )

This was a tragedy waiting to happen for me and my family. In 2005 my home was refurbished and a YORK Air conditioning unit was put on my home.

On Wednesday 06/29/2011 at 5:30 am , I smelled something coming from the ducts in the home. It was a smell that reminded me of fire or burnt tires but a sweet smell.

I looked outside on top of the roof and saw a little smoke coming from the AC UNIT. Went back inside and turned it off at the thermostat. A few minutes later it came on again, and the smell was even stronger in the home.

I went outside again and then i saw BILLOWS of darker smoke coming from the YORK Air Conditioning Unit. I called the fire department and they went up on the roof and checked it out and turned off all the breakers to the unit from the main box.

I called the local ACE Air Maintenance Company to check it out and the technician called YORK directly and they said that the specific unit has a problem with the Circuit board catching fire.

So this is why i am livid over this issue because there was NO RECALLS sent to us about our YORK AC UNIT. We were not informed properly about this issue at all, and what would have happened to us if we were not awake at 5:30am ?

Possibly in the hospital, and or dead. This was a reality check for me and my family. We have been separated trying to find another place to stay , had to buy new clothes, had to buy food, and it's just not worth all of this problem to buy a YORK Air conditioning unit.


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Carrier 8 Yrs Hvac
by: Drae

it had been acting up, the fan was acting up on the unit, the house didn't feel as cold, the compressor had a booster installed, and finely the compressor locked up. this unit didn't even last eight years! don't buy this Carrier unit if u live in the south like Louisiana.

Noise Is too Loud
by: Steve O

Paid 5000.0 for Lx Series YCMODEL 13 seer in July 2011.

New Central air unit and the start up noise is unacceptable. The dealer said it is what the way it should be. What do I do? install by Kotz - in Waterford MI sound like the fan is uneven. We had a Lennox central ac unit for 33 years.

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