Compressor Needs To Be Replaced

by Consumer

IS it possible to get a replacement comp for my 38 year old Lennox hvac unit? I am having problem with finding out what the model number is.

I would imagine it would have been one of the largest units as the house is almost 3000 square feet. Did they even make a 5 ton unit in 1972?

Dadan replies: Lennox 5 Ton Unit

Hey, Visitor

"Did they even make a 5 ton unit in 1972?" I really don’t remember. I need to call Lennox.

It best to replace the entire central air conditioner unit. Once you open the compressor, it tends to go downhill from there.

Beside, your central air conditioner unit is 38 years old. It would be hard to find contractor to install compressor and put in R 22 Refrigerant.

Here is Lennox?s Number: 1-800-953-6669 and 972-497-5799


Chester replies: Don't replace the compressor

It would be foolish to spend 12 to 1500 dollars to replace a compressor on that old a unit. In fact it is usually foolish to replace any out of warranty compressor. Your money would be better spent on a complete new system that would be much more economical to operate.

Chester replies: @Dadan

Lennox was making and selling 5 ton units in 1972. It should be no real problem to find a service company to replace the compressor and charge the system with R-22 (HCFC-22 will continue to be manufactured until the year 2020 and will be available for several years afterward. Manufacture of CFC-12 was discontinued in 1995 and it is still available)

The main point is that a unit that old should be replaced, not repaired.

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