Central Air Conditioner Prices in South Carolina

by Dadan

Estimate Repair Cost In South Carolina

Central air conditioner repair cost in South Carolina?

To determine the repair cost, you will need

Diagnostic fee + Part fee + Labor fee

HVAC troubleshooting fee is the fee to determine the problem.

(For business hrs, it ranges in $50 to $80 fix or per hrs rate). After business hours, it could be little more.

Central air conditioner parts Fee – below is a chart of the ac part price range.

Central Ac Part
Cost Per Part
Air Conditioner Condenser Unit Cost
Price of condenser unit depend on branch,seer, ton…
Dry R-22 condenser unit (without Freon)
$800 to $1500
R-410a condenser unit
$900 to $2500
Condenser motor$80 to $450
Condenser fan$100 to $250
Compressor $400 to $900
Small outdoor Electrical Parts Cost$25 to $200
HVACs circuit board cost$100 to $500
Heat pump reverse valve$100 to $300
Refrigerant Cost(price depend on pound..25,30,50 lb)
R-22 Freon$100 to $400
R-410A Refrigerant$150 to $350
Air Handler Unit Parts
Evaporator coil$200 to $580
Expansion Device$50 to $180
Blower motor cost$80 to $300
Blower motor house$150 to $350
Small Indoor Electrical Parts Cost$12 to $100
Copper Tube (depend on size and length)$12 to $200
Heat Exchanger$300 and up
Gas Regulator$100 to $200
Manifold$150 and up
induced draft motor $100 to $380

Labor fee – The labor fee range from $90 to $1,000. The labor fee will depend on what types of work is be done.

Below is a repair cost for central air conditioner unit and Heat Pump in SC. This is not an exact cost; it is estimation around the SC state. How accuracy is this repair price – only homeowners in South Carolina know.

The price to repair or replace central ac part will be quoted up front after troubleshooting fee. Some tech tends to forget and that is normal, but you’ll need to ask for it, or you won’t be happen after you receive the total repair bill.

Repair Central Ac Unit and Heat Pump Cost

Outdoor Unit Price:

How much does it cost to replace an air conditioning condenser

R-22 condenser unit

The HVACs manufactory could produce R22 condenser unit and ship it without refrigerant! It is a “dry charge condenser unit.” It will cost $1,200 to $3,000 to replace R-22 condenser unit with labor.

R-410A condenser unit

To replace a condenser unit with R-410a, it will be expensive around $1,500 and up.

The price of the condenser unit will be more or less depending on the Ton, Seer, Branch

The cost to replace condenser motor with or without fan

The condenser motor repair cost range in $250 to $600 without the fan (price including labor + part + service call). If it is with the motor fan, it is around $ 600 to $700.

Small electrical parts (relay, capacitor, transformer, wire…)

To replace an small electrical cost in $100 to $300.

HVACs circuit board price

The actual cost can range in $225to $400 (it depend on brand and unit types). To replace it will cost in from $300 to $500 more or less.

How much does Heat pump reverse valve cost

Replacing the reverse valve could take from 2 to 3 hours and cost around $300 to $675 more or less.

How much does it cost to add Freon in a home ac unit? (R-22 and R-410a Cost)

The cost of Freon is per pounds. Per pound of R-22 Freon could be $20 to $80. As the years go by R-22 Freon will be expensive.

R-410a Freon will cost per pound $65 to $90.

Fixing refrigerant leak cost

To find where the refrigerant leak could two day or less, it depend on the types of leak detector Tech uses and to fixing refrigerant leak , it take 1 to 3 hrs (vary) of labor. It will be in range in $300 to $700 (including Freon fee and labor).

Indoor Central Ac Part Cost

Replace air conditioner filter cost

I realize this is silly. There are people, who do not know anything about their central air conditioner unit. The trip fee and filter fee range in $90 to $110 more or less

How much does an evaporator coil cost

It takes 2 hrs or more to replace evaporator coils, the price range be in the $900 to $1200.

Replacing expansion device cost

The price to replace expansion device will include filter drier fee, trip fee, fixing fee… This price can range in $800 to $1000.

Indoor blower motor with and without the motor’s house

To replace just the motor can range in $300 to $500, if it is replace with the motor house, it will be expensive.

Small indoor l electrical parts (wire, capacitor, transformer…)

To replace small electrical cost in $100 to $300.

Capacitor replacement cost

The cost to replacing the outdoor or indoor unit capacitor can range from 120 to 200 dollar.

This is just estimation base on specific price number and calls.

Had you replace any central ac part that is not list here? Share with homeowners in your area. You can share it below.

With respect to the HVACs and Service Company in South Carolina, please DO NOT list their company name.

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