Carrier's Air conditioner installed in 2007

by Molly N.
(Yutan, Nebraska)

We had our Carrier central ac unit installed in June of 2007. It is now August of 2011 and it has run pretty good so far. I live in Nebraska and if you didn’t know Nebraska is one the most humid and hot states in the United States.

A typical summer day in Nebraska is about an average of 96-98 degrees and 100 percent humidity so the temp actually feels like 110-115 degrees! So needless to say it's extremely hot in Nebraska in the summer!! So considering the heat our central air units has done really good so far. We have usually been pretty good about changing the filter every 3 months.

Well mostly because my dad works for the company 3M which you all pry know makes most of the furnace filters out there. So thanks to him we keep up on replacing our filters because he sends us a box of a year supply of filters every year so we have no excuse to have a dirty filter! lol!

We make fun of him because he is kinda crazy about dirty furnace filters! We jokingly call him the filter nazi! lol! But it has worked pretty well so far. A couple of months ago we were having some problems with it leaking water on to the floor under the unit.

The puddle got pretty big at times but thankfully that part of our basement isn’t finished and has a concrete floor so no water damage was done.
But the problem seemed to be that the air flow was so strong that it was sucking the condensation water up the air flow and it was being sucked up through our furnace filter.

So our furnace filter was getting soaked and was dripping the water on to the ground. For some reason our air flow was so strong and powerful that even before the water problem the furnace filter was being sucked up like half cocked up.
So we think we fixed the problem by covering up a little air space that was covered before but one of the kids pry messed with it.

So after covering up this little air hole then the up airflow was more regulated and the furnace filter stayed put and it was no longer sucking the condensation back in the furnace. It was a pretty each fix that my husband was able to do.

My husband is not a professional though so I would recommend calling a trained expert just in case it is another problem. The problem I am having now is that our air is cold but there is barely any air coming out of the vents.

I’m not sure what’s going on but my house is getting hotter every day!!
Thanks : )

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Airflow problem
by: Dadan

Hey, Molly

"filter nazi!" ? lol

"it was sucking the condensation water up the air flow" Was it sucking condensation water from the evaporator pan or from the condensation drain line.

"100 percent humidity" this will definitely produce a lot of condensation water. Do you know if your central ac unit has a P-trap? If it does not have P-trap, you will need your husband to install it. The P-trap prevents the airflow from sucking the condensation drain water. Here is link to central air units P-trap

The central air unit pulls warm from the room and it goes in into the return vent (where you put the filter in). The ac unit needs air to go in before it could come out. If you?re not getting enough air coming out, there is a restriction in airflow or duct work leak.

The restriction could be from:

  • You put in high efficient filter and it have hard time sucking air in
  • You have collapse duct work
  • Dirty indoor blower
  • Motor could have gone bad or not getting correct amount of power
  • Evaporator coil is somewhat be cover by filter material
  • Your evaporator coil is ice up

Other problem:

  • Ductwork is leak supply air
  • Capacitor is going bad

The reason you not getting enough airflow are due to restriction.

High efficient filter restriction

If the filter is the restriction, you should remove the filter for the moment and turn your central ac on and see what happen to airflow.

Duct work is collapse, bent or leak

If you duct work is in the basement, it should be that hard to find bent or leak. If it is in the attic, be careful inspecting it.

Dirty indoor blower

I doubt 4 yrs old central air unit have dirty blower.

Motor could have gone bad or not getting correct amount of power

That is a possibility.

Capacitor is bad

That is also a possibility.

Evaporator coil is somewhat be cover by filter material

"So our furnace filter was getting soaked and was dripping the water on to the ground" - Strong airflow and wet filter could result in part of the filter material pulling into the evaporator coil.

Evaporator coil is ice up

Remember you said, the airflow was so strong; it sucks in the condensation water. Since, your central ac unit is producing a lot of condensation water and the water is pulling in and it not drains, that could also be the cause of airflow problem. (You were not sure if you had fix "the water being suck in" )

Hope I answer you question


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