cant get dealer to fix the one installed right

by Marilyn C
(mt.pleasant pa 15666)

March 6, 2011

I PURCHACED A LENNOX MODEL NUMBERXP14-036-230-02 SERIAL NUMBER 5808f32417 heat pump and central air and ever since Zelmores heating and cooling installed it.

It’s never heated home or cooled it right it about two years that they come back and forth and never fix the problem 6000 dollars and nothing fixed right yet I AM FRUSTRATED AND DEPRESSED.I SAVED UP TO GET THIS DONE AND LOOK WHERE I AM AT....please I need help with this he said the coil was big enough to heat and cool my home but in frustration yet today it doesn’t do it had a temp in the house today of 71 outside it was 53 or 56 turned it up to 72 it ran over and hour when it was on 72 then kicked oil on.

Ghees at 53 out it should of ran 5 minutes and shut off same as in summer runs runs runs doesn’t cool now what I CONTACTED BBB in Pittsburgh to see if they could help i only get 800 dollars a month to live off and this has ran my electric up triple.

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heat pumps are no good up north
by: Anonymous

heat pumps does not cool below 55 deg and also heat pumps only put out about a one hundred deg temt. your body runs at 98.6 so your only talking less than 2 degs so it is always going to fell cold.

The best place for heat pumps are in the south far as your cooling goes it may be over charged or under charged or your freon may be fractionated if it is 410a it is hard to tell without looking at it best of luck with ac guys i know I'm one myself.

Find another service company
by: Chester

From your description of the problem it sounds like you are low on refrigerant. You have a 3 ton unit and that should be big enough to cool a home up to about 1200 to 1500 square feet, depending on how well the house is insulated. Heating will depend these same factors, plus the outdoor temperatures. A heat pump should provide enough heat to keep you comfortable until the outside temperature falls to about 40°F. At that point the electric heat elements will provide most of the heat.

I would call a different company than the one who has not been able to find and fix the problem. There are several listed in the Yellow pages that serve Mt. Pleasant. Ask your friends and neighbors who they use and call the one who is most recommended.

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