Can you give an estimated cost for this size house?

by Arlene
(North Syracuse, NY, USA)

We just moved into a 1950 square foot home and have a Carrier furnace that was installed about 3-5 years ago as well as the duct work.

We are over 65 and downsized. Approximately, how much would it cost to have central air installed? We live in Central New York.

Edited by Dadan:

This is hard question. Basic on rule of thumb, I said the house need 4 and a half ton of central air conditioner unit. This is rough estimation. As I was saying this is rule of thumb. The estimation is 400 or 440 per ton of central air conditioner. By going by the rule of thumb is asking for unhappy homeowners.

It takes 144 Btu of heat to melt 1 lb of ice at 32°F and one ton of air conditioning is the amount required to melt 1 ton of ice in 24 hrs. A ton is equal to 2,000 lb.

4.5 ton equal to 9000 lb and 9,000 lb x 144 = 1,296,000 BTU/24 hrs. or 54, 000 for a hours. This number is huge. That is why using rule of thumb is asking for troubles. It is always good practice to call for estimation. It is free by the way.

Bases on the number I have above, 3,000 to 5,500 for a complete central ac unit and furnace. This is just for the HVAC unit only and it does not come with the ductworks.

If you are planning to install a completely new heating and cooling with ductwork, you will be looking at 14,000 dollar in NY area (It could be higher than my estimation).

Below is the link to estimation cost on labor and repair in New York location.

Central Air Conditioner Cost in New York - Estimation cost

If you live in New York location and you know how much installing and repair cost in your area, lets other know.

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