Can Water Damage Outside AC Unit

by Consumer

So the wife and I have noticed that our central air conditioner unit has been a little louder than normal.

We called for a technician to come out but they never came. Today I saw my mother in law (who is mentally ill btw) with a hose trying to clean the outside unit.

She had it on it for about 5-10 minutes. I know they are meant to drain some water IE rain, ice or snow. But can someone actually spraying a water hose do damage to a unit?

Dadan here:

The condenser unit is design to with stand all weather. So, mom cleaning the condenser unit is fine. The only parts, which is NOT good to spray with liquid is the electrical components.

The electrical component is within the condenser unit. We can’t see it by look from the top of the condenser unit. In newer condenser unit, the electrical compartment should be in good conditioner.

Aluminum fins is the easiest parts to damage. If we spray somewhat high pressure water directly at it, it will bend. Damage aluminum fins will cause the entire central ac unit will lose its efficient.

Once a year, we hired tech to do maintainer on our central ac unit. One of his tasks is to clean and straight the aluminum fins. The fins are one of the parts that help condenser unit remove heat from the indoor unit.

The aluminum fins is protecting by metal guard or grill guards. If the guard is missing, a tech will recommend we buy it. The guard does not protect the fins from heavy or large objects. The guard has it limit.

If we were to clean the aluminum fins, we would spray the water from inside the condenser unit and allow the entire foreign object to flow outside the condenser unit. Some people make this mistake a lot, including tech.

Everyone have pet in their home and I love dog. Our dog and our expensive condenser unit do not get alone. My dog urine damages my condenser aluminum fins once and I was crying.

Condenser unit AFRAID of DOG’s urine

So – mom spray water into the condenser unit hasn’t cost a penny yet. But, a dog urine cost a lot. I’m not sure about cat urine.

Btw, whenever we spray water (clean) the condenser unit, ALWAYS turn OFF the power to the condenser. Indoor and outdoor unit have two different power switches to turn it OFF

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Water Can't Damage It
by: Anonymous

The loud noise and the mother in law probably a coincidence.

I highly doubt that. I presume this is split system right?

I'm not sure why the condenser unit a little louder then it was.

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