Built 2000 ' Home In 1999 21/2 Ton Rheem Central Ac Installed

11 years and going strong. I have had very little problem with this Rheem central air conditioner unit. I think that a 3 ton might do a little more efficient job.

This unit is a 10 seer and the new one's have to be at least 13 seer. At 13 seer I am supposed to have electricity bills about 1/2 of the old units bill. I think I will opp for a new 36000 BTU Rheem central ac.

I live in magnolia springs Alabama ' about 10 miles from the gulf as the crow flies. The fins on the cooling coils are showing signs of detraining. I was told that.

Strong winds blow in salt water and help destroy cooling fins, so keep your outside unit covered during the winter and when not in use .

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My Rheem Does Fine
by: Wayne

Ours was installed in 1992. Model no. RACC 030 JAS and Serial No. 3528 F1091 3248. We have a 1400 sq. ft. ranch built in 1977 with 3/4 basement located in Iowa.

Fairly well insulated with some large windows and a patio door facing southwest. The central AC unit has never had a problem. We've cleaned it out about once every 3-4 years (I know, we should do it every year). The hvac unit keeps the house cool very well and has been totally reliable.

Rheem since 1988
by: Sonnie

I have a Rheem Central Air Conditioner that was installed in 1988. I have only had to have service once and that cost $300.00. It is now time (23 years) to replace it.

I found this site while searching to see if any central ac units are MADE IN AMERICA. After reading some articles it seems none are completely made in America. I have been completely satisfied with the Rheem and would probably consider the same brand.

Long Lasting Rheem AC Units
by: S.J. Ruzow M.D

We have 2 in our house. One is 25 years old and runs perfectly. It is a 3 ton central air conditioner unit. The other is about 15 years old or older and is beginning to show signs of wear.

It doesn't cool as well during of hot weather of South Florida. We run it all night every night. It is a 4 ton for the bedroom area. Until this year it has been almost perfect. Rheem is quality as this brief description says.

4 Years & Counting No Problems
by: Wood

Renovated & enlarged 1200 ft house to 3,000 sq ft in 2007 , Installed Classic Oil Furnace & complementary Stack of A/C 13 SEER 3.5 Ton Unit in home.

Architect designated only a 3.5 Ton unit was necessary since we used Radiant Guard Thermal sheets below the Joist in our home which is 1 story with a Decra Stone Coated Metal shingle roof.

Unit seems to function ok & we have Honeywell 6000 Programmable Thermostat with the controls of the unit.

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