Air Conditioner Repair Costs In Kentucky

by Deb S
(Paducah, Ky)

Our previous central air unit lasted 25+ years with no problems, regular cleaning and maintenance was all. When it went out I guess it was just worn out. I do not recall the brand, probably a carrier, we have those in other houses we have lived in..

Then a new guy put in a Goodman central ac. It has had problems from about 2 years old. First little things that cost 100-200 dollars and then the little things that cost over 200-300 range. Now expensive repairs, indoor and outdoor motor this year over 800.00 on both and a capacitor this year also abt 300.00.

Every spring it is something. Since it was installed it has constant problems every year a this or that is going out and needs to be replaces. Now it is 10 years old, this year over 1,000.00 in repairs since March.

In my opinion not a good investment. Wish I had told him what to put in instead of trusting him to select a reputable unit.

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