Air Conditioner Fan Comes On But Then Goes Off and Makes a Buzzing Noise

by Visitors
(Athens, GA, USA)

My central air conditioner unit will come on, but the outside fan will stop and it makes a buzzing noise. The air coming through the vents inside the house is not cool.

Also, when the fan does come on my lights inside the house get brighter, and then return to normal. (Similar to when someone uses iron to iron clothes).

My unit is not very old, my home was built in April 2005 and I purchased it in September 2005. The Unit is a Goodman, Model CPLE30-1C and the Serial Number is 0506029983. Voltage range is min: 197 to 253.

I had no problem with my unit until about three weeks ago when my son accidentally lifted a chair over his head and the legs of the chair got trapped in one of the ceiling fans.

It knocked off the electricity in two of my bedrooms. The only circuits in the circuit box which were in the middle position were the ones for the bedroom. Could this incident have caused a power surge to my air conditioner unit?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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