Combined Heat and Power saves the environments

What is CHP?

CHP stands for Combined Heat and Power. It’s an integrated system that produces both heat and electricity at the same time from a single fuel source.

These fuel sources are: wood chips, biomass, waste heat, natural gas, propane, fuel oil, coal, biogas or any combination.

This integrated energy system also known as:

    1. Cogeneration
    2. Cooling, Heating and Power for Buildings
    3. Total Energy Systems
    4. Combined Cooling Heating and Power
    5. Energy recycling

It’s similar to power station, but in traditional power stations, it wastes the heat to the environment through cooling tower and flue. However, Combined Heat & Power recovered wasted energy.

The energy CHP recovers can be using to heat districts, university or any places that require the heat. In standard power plant they don’t have the purpose equipment to recover this heat energy, so the energy is wasted.

Combined Heat & Power is not single system, it’s a collective system makes up:

    1. Prime Movers (heat engine)
    2. Electric Generators
    3. Heat Recovery Equipment
    4. Other electrical interconnection

The Prime Mover is a device that converts fuel to electrical and mechanical energy.

What is the benefit of Combined Heat & Power?

    1. Cost savings
    2. Improved power reliability
    3. Lower emission benefits

How Combined Heat & Power Works?

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CHP's video made by GreenpeaceUK

CHP's video made by Schmitt Enertec

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