9 Year Old York Central Ac

by Consumer

We have zone heating/ac in our 9 year old home. The York Hvac unit for the upstairs worked ok for about 5 years but has had repair service every year since.

Inside A coil freeze ups, capacitor changes, ac unit fan motor replaced, several pounds of coolant. We've decided to replace the ac unit after spending so much on repairs. The central ac unit was not very reliable in my opinion. We live in St Louis.


Since you have had to add several pounds of coolant, the freezing coil is likely a result of being low on refrigerant. Being low an refrigerant is seldom a problem with the equipment, but an installation problem. Open fan run capacitors are a common problem with PSC motors.

Replacing an indoor blower motor after 5 years is not too bad as the motor runs in when you are heating as well as cooling.

The unit may not be responsible for the need to add refrigerant. Refrigerant is not “used up” nor does it wear out. A leak free system will never need refrigerant added. Most leaks are outside the factory equipment in the piping that is installed by the local contractor not the equipment manufacturer. Many times the brand is condemned when the problem is with the installation.

Tip to homeowners, if the technician tells you he has to add “Freon”, ask him if he fixed the leak. If you are low on refrigerant you have a leak in the system.

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York Hvac unit NEW
by: Marry John

York Hvac unit overall working really good.
I already read many good reviews about this, as you also write here that its work well for 5 years and after that get services every year.
SO I am sure this problem occurred due to voltage.
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The evaporator coils went bad in 6 years
by: Darryl H

I have a dual HVAC York High Efficiency system. One five ton unit for my downstairs 1700 square feet and one three ton for the 1200 square feet upstairs.

Brand new home built in 2006, both evaporator coils went bad this past summer and seem to be more expensive to replace than competing brands. Thumbs down on this system. both units run constantly when the temperature is below 25 degrees and when the temperatures get into the high 90 degrees.

York Air Handler
by: Jason M

I have got a 5 ton York split system heat pump at my shop its about 6 months old the ac and heat work fine other than the air circulation. On heat the blower motor really blows hard with plenty of airflow.

When you put the unit on ac the blower motor slows to less than half speed. I thought heat was supposed to blow less than when in ac mode. Its not a veritable speed air handler. The tech said the blower motor was hooked up right.

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