2 Heil Central Air Units.

by Steve A
(Hendersonville, NC usa)

I lived in Charleston SC for 5 years, when I moved there I purchased two new Heil Central Air units for my two story home of 2700 SF. The top floor had five bed rooms, and two baths, I had a 3 ton ac unit, with the air handler in the attic.

The first floor had 4 more rooms. I had a 2.5 ton ac unit for this floor with the air handler mounted in the crawl space beneath the house.

From March through October for 5 years these two units cooled my home efficiently. I kept the thermostat on 71 for the first floor and 70 for the second floor. We had 15 days of over 95-100 degrees all the time in the south.

I have now moved to North Carolina, and am considering purchasing a new central air compressor for the furnace mounted air handler that I have here. I want another Heil. No problems, No letdowns, just good value for the money. I would highly recommend Heil HVAC to anyone.

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Heil Heat Pump
by: Chris

I have owned a Heil H/P for about 8 yrs and have never had a problem with the equipment. It has been beat by a hail storm and had a tree fall on it and has not stopped going so far. You have a customer for life.

Good Heil Central Ac Unit
by: Floyd

Nothing happened until last year. My central gas Heil was installed in 1990. I swapped the thermostat twice and about 5 years ago the a relay went out in the furnace.

I had it check and cleaned or I clean it my self every year. Just last year, summer of 2010, it froze up a couple of times and started blowing warm air. Just had it look at and the coil is rusted and leaking freon.

After 20 years of nearly free of repair issues, I'm laughing on the way to the bank to get money to buy another Heil.

Great Central Ac Unit
by: Anonymous

Installed the 2 stage 410A heat pump with variable speed blower 2 years ago. Unit runs run very quiet and my electric bill has been low.

No problems at all so far. Make sure you hire a professional HVAC company. A system is only as good as the installer.

Please in NC
by: James

The question was what has been happening to my Heil Ac? Well, the same thing since it was installed in the spring of 1991.

I had it checked about three years ago and the repairman added a little refrigerant and said it might not last much longer because of it's age. What can I say.

It has been a great unit. I will most likely replace it with another one.

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